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Aussies & Kiwis : Australian & Newzealander writers
Langues sans frontières
Octobre 2010

Joseph Furphy (26 September 1843 – 13 September 1912), is widely regarded as the "Father of the Australian novel". He mostly wrote under the pseudonym Tom Collins, and is best known for his novel “Such is Life” (1903), regarded as an Australian classic.

Such is life

Here are the real Aussies of the 1880s... the bullockies, swagmen, squatters and "foreigners" who eked their existence from a harsh, begrudging land.

Born in Colombo to a Sri-Lankan ’Burgher’ family which emigrated to Australia when she was fourteen, Michelle de Kretser, taught in Montpellier, took an MA at the Sorbonne, and worked for several years as an editor at Lonely Planet. She now lives in Melbourne.

The Lost dog
Chatto & Windus

An intimate and subtle look at Tom Loxley, a well-intentioned but solipsistic Henry James scholar and childless divorcé, as he searches for his missing dog in the Australian bush. While the overarching story follows Tom’s search during a little over a week in November 2001, flashbacks reveal Tom’s infatuation with Nelly Zhang, an artist tainted by scandal—from her controversial paintings to the disappearance and presumed murder of her husband, Felix, a bond trader who got into some shady dealings.

The Rose grower

Set at the start of the French Revolution, a woman’s private passion is her search to create a repeat-flowering crimson rose. An American falls in love with her sister and she is torn between ethics, reason, revolutionary zeal and unrequited love.

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