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Romans en anglais
Nouvelles acquisitions en anglais
1er semestre

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Marian KEYES
Lucy Sullivan is getting married

What happens when a psychic tells Lucy that she’ll be married within the year ? Her flatmates panic ! What is going to happen to their blissful existence of eating take-out, drinking too much wine, bringing men home, and never vacuuming ? Lucy reassures her friends that she’s far too busy arguing with her mother and taking care of her irresponsible father to get married. And then there’s the small matter of not even having a boyfriend. But

Stephen KING
Bag of bones

When Mike Noonan’s wife dies, he suffers from writer’s block, until he goes to his retreat, Sara Laughs. It’s a community run by tyrannical Devore, who is hell-bent to obtain custody of his grandchild, Kyra. Her mother turns to Mike for help. But there are others determined to prevent his success.

Andrea LEVY
Never far from nowhere

Olive and Vivien are two sisters born in London to Jamaican parents and brought up on a council estate. They go to the same grammar school. Vivien’s life becomes a chaotic mix of friendships, youth clubs, skinhead violence, A-levels, discos and college. Olive, three years older and a skin shade darker, has a very different tale to tell !

Hisham MATAR
In the country of men
Harper Perennial

On a white-hot day in Tripoli, Libya, in the summer of 1979, nine-year-old Suleiman is shopping in the market square with his mother. His father is away on business - but Suleiman is sure he has just seen him, standing across the street...

Richard McCANN
Mother of sorrows

With the breadth and cumulative force of a novel, Mother of Sorrows presents ten interwoven stories of an American family starting out in the post-World War II suburbs of Washington, D.C., a world of identical brick houses and sunstruck, treeless lawns. A tragic family portrait that boldly confronts the significance of storytelling itself.

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