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Romans en anglais
Nouvelles acquisitions en anglais
1er semestre

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Anita NAIR
Ladies coupe

Akhilandeswari, Akhila for short, is forty-five and single, an income tax clerk, and a woman who has never been allowed to live her own life - always the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the provider. Until the day she gets herself a one-way ticket to the seaside town of Kanyakumari. In the intimate atmosphere of the all-women sleeping car - the ’Ladies Coupe’ - Akhila asks the five women she is travelling with the question that has been haunting her all her adult life : can a woman stay single and be happy, or does she need a man to feel complete ?

Anita NAIR
St. Martin’s griffin

When travel writer Christopher Stewart arrives at a riverside resort in Kerala, India to meet Koman, Radha’s uncle and a famous dancer, he enters a world of masks and repressed emotions. From their first meeting, both Rahda and her uncle are drawn to the enigmatic young man with his cello and his incessant questions about the past. The triangle quickly excludes Shyam, Radha’s husband, who can only watch helplessly.

The Talk of the town

Patrick Scully, a young Irishman in early Eighties Dublin, faces a mounting rage at the incomprehensible world which springs up around him.

Richard Notrh PATTERSON
Silent witness
A. Knopf

At the peak of his legal career, Tony Lord is suddenly called to defend his friend, Sam Robb, who is charged with murder. However, Lord has regrets about returning to Lake City, Ohio, where he too, was suspected of murder. Yet, knowing the pain of unjust accusation, he feels compelled to help Sam.

Seven dials

A diplomat has been shot and Thomas Pitt is called in to investigate. However, things don’t add up at the scene of the murder and Pitt is forced to tread the tense diplomatic tightrope between protecting justice, the security of his country and the safety of his family.

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