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Romans en anglais
Nouvelles acquisitions en anglais
1er semestre

Venez découvrir les nouvelles acquisitions de l’espace langues.

Richard RUSSO
The Whore’s Child and other stories

In the title story, a septuagenarian nun resolutely invades the narrator’s college writing workshop with an incredible saga ; a seasoned Hollywood moviemaker uncovers a 25-year-old flame he never knew he’d harboured ; a precious fifth-grader puzzles over life, love and baseball as he watches his parents’ marriage dissolve ; another child is forced into a harrowing cross-country escape ; and an elderly couple rediscover the power - and misery - of their relationship during a long-awaited retreat to a hurricane-swept resort island

Vikram SETH
An Equal music

Michael plays second violin in an up-and-coming Maggiore Quartet, lives on the north side of Hyde Park, takes early morning dips in the Serpentine, has a French girlfriend named Virginie. But his mind is constantly drawn to his first and only love, Julia, whom he knew in Vienna many years earlier. When he catches sight of Julia on a London bus, he cannot help but pursue her.

Vikram SETH
A Suitable boy

Set in post-Independence India and involving the lives of four large families and those who orbit them, it is also a vast panoramic exploration of a whole continent at a crucial hour as a sixth of the world’s population faces its first great General Election and the chance to map its own destiny.

Muriel SPARK
Reality and dreams

Drifting in and out of consciousness following a dramatic accident on a set, film director Tom Richards pictures the film he wants to make. As his ambition becomes his obsession, he draws his family, lovers and friends into the maelstrom of destruction and turbulent passion.

Mother’s milk

The once illustrious, once wealthy Melroses are in peril. Caught in the wreckage of broken promises, child-rearing, adultery and assisted suicide, Patrick finds his wife consumed by motherhood, his mother consumed by a New Age foundation, and his five-year-old son Robert understanding far more than he ought.

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