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Romans en anglais
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1er trimestre 2009

Girl in a blue dress
Gaynor ARNOLD (Great Britain)
Tindal Street Press
Alfred Gibson’s funeral has taken place at Westminister Abbey, and his wife of twenty years, Dorothea, has not been invited. The Great Man favours his children and a clandestine mistress over his estranged wife. Dorothea revisits their early courtship before the birth of too many children snapped her vitality, and discovers the devious nature and hypnotic power of this celebrity author. Now she needs to face her grown up children, and worse, her nemesis of ten years, the charming Miss Ricketts. This is a re-telling of the lives of Charles and Catherine Dickens.

Sound of butterflies
Rachael KING (New Zealand)
It is 1903. Thomas Edgar, a passionate collector of butterflies, is offered the chance of a lifetime : to travel to the Amazon as part of a scientific expedition. Hoping to find the mythical butterfly that will make his name, he eagerly accepts the invitation, and embarks on a journey that will take him to a whole new world. On his return, Sophie greets her husband at the railway station, and is appalled by the change in him : he is thin, obviously sick, and apparently so traumatised by what he witnessed while he was away, he has been rendered mute.

Patrick McCABE (Ireland)
Once, in Kilburn, married to the sugar-lipped Catherine and sharing his daughter Immy’s passion for the enchanted kingdom of winterwood, Redmond Hatch was happy. But then infidelity, betrayal and the ’scary things’ from which he would protect his daughter steal into the magic kingdom, and bad things begin to happen. Now Redmond - once little Red - prowls the barren outlands alone, haunted by the disgraced shade of Ned Strange, a fiddler and teller of tales from his home in the mountainous middle of Ireland.

White earth
Andrew McGAHAN (Australia)
Young William and his mother are cast from their homestead in Queensland when William’s father burns to death in a farming accident. They are taken in by William’s cranky great uncle, John McIvor, who lives holed up in a decrepit mansion on what’s left of what was once a great homestead called Kuran Station. There is still enough land left at the Station to lust after though, and William’s sickly but greedy mother sets out to make sure that William will be the heir to his hermit uncle.

Astonishing splashes of colour
Clare MORRALL (Great Britain)
Harper Perennial
Caught in an over-vivid world, Kitty feels haunted by her "child that never was". As children all around become emblems of hope, longing and grief, she begins to understand the reasons for her shaky sense of self.

My favourite wife
Tony PARSONS (Great Britain)
Harper Collins
Hot shot young lawyer Bill Holden and his wife Becca move their four-year-old daughter to the booming, gold-rush city of Shanghai. It is a place of opportunity and temptation, where fortunes are made and foreign marriages come apart in spectacular fashion. Bill’s law firm houses the Holden family in Paradise Mansions - a luxury apartment block full of ’second wives’ : beautiful young women like JinJin Li, ex-school teacher, crossword addict, dedicated roller skater and the Holden’s neighbour.

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