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Romans en anglais
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Dernier trimestre 2009

BoydenThree day road
Joseph BOYDEN (Canada)
Niska is reunited with her nephew, Xavier, after he returns from the horrors of the First World War. As she slowly paddles her canoe on the 3-day journey to take him home, traveling through the stark but stunning landscape of Northern Canada, their respective stories emerge.

Baking cakes in Kigali
Angel Tungazara has recently moved to Rwanda from her native Tanzania. With her husband, Pius, and the five orphaned children of their late son and daughter, she is hardly short of things to do. But she still finds time to pursue her hobby and her passion, her small but increasingly successful business, baking individually-designed cakes for the parties and celebrations of her neighbours and their friends. Angel is entirely aware that many of the Rwandans around her have witnessed and survived horrors she can barely imagine. But she also knows that their lives continue, that they also have reasons to celebrate, to be joyous and to be happy.

Lark and Termite
Jayne Anne PHILLIPS (United States)
Jonathan Cape
Set in the 1950s in West Virginia and Korea, "Lark and Termite" is a story of the power of loss and love. At its centre are : Lark and her brother, Termite, a child unable to walk and talk but full of radiance ; their mother, Lola ; their aunt, Nonie, who raises them ; and Termite’s father, Corporal Robert Leavitt, who finds himself caught up in the early chaotic months of the Korean War.Told with enormous imagination and deep feeling, the novel invites us into the hearts and thoughts of each of the leading characters ; even into Termite’s intricate, shuttered consciousness.

Ruth RENDELL (United Kingdom)
The chance discovery by Eugene Wren of an envelope filled with banknotes would link the lives of a number of very different people, each with their own obsessions, problems, dreams and despairs. It would also set in motion a chain of events that lead to arson and murder.
That old Cape magic

Richard RUSSO (United States)
Chatto and Windus
Thirty years ago and full of hope, on their Cape Cod honeymoon, Jack and Joy Griffin drafted the Great Truro Accord, a plan for their future that’s now thirty years old and has largely come true. At the time they were living in Los Angeles, where Griffin wrote scripts that were already losing his interest. He left all that behind for a family life and to teach at the sort of New England college his parents had aspired to. Now the two of them are back on the Cape - where Jack also spent childhood vacations which still cast a long shadow - to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Laura’s best friend. Things look good, even if cracks are beginning to show...

The Peacock throne
Sujit SARAF (India)
October 31, 1984 begins like any other day for Gopal Pandey as he sets up his tea stall in a lane off Chandni Chowk in Delhi. At its head lies Red Fort, once the home of the gem-encrusted Peacock Throne, symbol of the Mughal Empires. By the end of the day, Indira Gandhi has been assassinated, violent riots have erupted and Gopal is the bemused possessor of a large sum of money. Fourteen turbulent years and four dramatic turning points in Indian history later, this myopic, bumbling man stands on the verge of immense political power.

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