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Romans en anglais
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Dernier trimestre 2009

BoydenThree day road
Joseph BOYDEN (Canada)
Niska is reunited with her nephew, Xavier, after he returns from the horrors of the First World War. As she slowly paddles her canoe on the 3-day journey to take him home, traveling through the stark but stunning landscape of Northern Canada, their respective stories emerge.

A Room with a View
Edward Morgan FORSTER
Cideb (Black cat. Reading Classics)
This apparently light-hearted novel is written in the tradition on of social comedy started by Jane Austen. The central theme lies in the gradual awakening of Lucy Honeychurch and her eventual liberation from the constraints of upper-middle class society, its hypocrisy and obsession for respectability - a liberation in which love and honesty, in the end, triumph over social conventions.

The Turn of the screw
Cideb (Black cat. Reading Classics)
A spine-chilling tale of a young governess’s struggle to protect the children in her care from the ghosts of two previous servants. Simple hallucinations perhaps, or external representations of the woman’s inner torments ? James’s 19th-century masterpiece of ambiguous narrative is the precursor of the modern psychological thriller.

Cideb (Black cat. Reading Classics)
This unabridged study edition of Joyce’s Dubliners comes complete with a full critical introduction which places the author in the short-story tradition before going on to examine ‘Joyce as Experimentalist’. Emphasis is placed on the author’s various narrative techniques and this allows the reader to see this ‘highly original work’ not only as the reflection of a real world but also as a sophisticated literary construction.

Seven short stories
Cideb (Black cat. Reading Classics)
This collection of short stories brings together some of Katherine Mansfield’s best fiction, such as Bliss, At the Bay and The Garden-Party. It also charts her artistic development from the young, brash, exciting voice of The Swing of the Pendulum, through the mature, innovative style of Prelude and the structural perfection of The Doll’s House, to the measured black humour of The Fly.

Look back in anger
Cideb (Black cat. Reading Classics)
- ANG 822 OSB
Osborne’s modern-day classic, first staged at London’s Royal Court Theatre in 1956, voices the frustrations of an entire generation - the so-called "Angry Young Men". Aggression, sympathy and sadness are magnificently portrayed in the stormy triangular relationship between Jimmy Porter, his wife Alison and their best friend Cliff.

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