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Romans en anglais
Nouvelles acquisitions
Dernier trimestre 2009

BoydenThree day road
Joseph BOYDEN (Canada)
Niska is reunited with her nephew, Xavier, after he returns from the horrors of the First World War. As she slowly paddles her canoe on the 3-day journey to take him home, traveling through the stark but stunning landscape of Northern Canada, their respective stories emerge.

Now you see him
Eli GOTTLIEB (United States)
Serpent’s tail
Nick Framingham is still reeling from the recent death of his childhood best friend, the writer Rob Castor, who committed suicide after killing his ex-girlfriend in Manhattan. Rob’s death unleashes a series of unexpected revelations in the lives of his friends and family in upstate New York.

Shakespeare’s wife
Germaine GREER (Australia)
Little is known of the wife of England’s greatest playwright. In play after play Shakespeare presents the finding of a worthy wife as a triumphant denouement, yet scholars persist in believing that his own wife was resented and even hated by him. Here Germaine Greer strives to re-embed the story of their marriage in its social context and presents new hypotheses about the life of the farmer’s daughter who married our greatest poet.

Night of the jaguar
Michael GRUBER (United States)
Harper (Suspens)
A shaman from the South America arrives in Miami, determined to prevent the despoiling of his tribe’s native land. When Cuban businessmen begin dying in gruesome fashion, seemingly eaten alive by a massive jungle cat, Jimmy Paz, Miami’s expert criminal investigator into the deeply weird, is called back from retirement to find the killer. But Paz has problems of his own : he and his daughter Amelia’s nights are both haunted by dreams of a jaguar who has come to take her as a sacrifice ...

The Case of the missing servant
Tarquin HALL (United Kingdom)
Meet Vish Puri, India’s most private investigator. Portly, persistent and unmistakably Punjabi, he cuts a determined swathe through modern India’s swindlers, cheats and murderers. When an honest public litigator is accused of murdering his maidservant, it takes all of Puri’s resources to investigate. How will he trace the fate of the girl, known only as Mary, in a population of more than one billion ? Who is taking pot shots at him and his prize chilli plants ?

The English Major
Jim HARRISON (United States)
Grove Press
Cliff is an inversion of the classic Harrison hero : 60 years old, an English teacher­ turned cherry farmer, he has recently been dumped by his wife of 38 years for a rich guy she had a crush on in high school. After wallowing awhile in booze and sorrow, Cliff auctions off his cherry farm and begins a restorative journey west from Michigan with a plan to rename the birds and states of America. “The English Major” takes the form of his “trip journal.”

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