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Writers in New York
New York
Décembre 2009

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delilloDon DeLillo is the author of two plays and thirteen novels, including Cosmopolis and The Body Artist. He has won the National Book Award, the Jerusalem Prize and the Irish Times International Fiction Prize.

It’s a stunningly eventful day in the life of Eric Packer, a multi-billionaire who owns a forty-eight-room apartment and a decommissioned nuclear bomber and who has recently married the heiress of a vast European fortune. Sitting in his stretch limousine as it moves across the middle of Manhattan, he finds the city at a virtual standstill because the President is visiting, a rapper’s funeral is proceeding through town, and a violent protest is being staged in Times Square by anti-globalist groups. Eric’s bodyguards are worried that he is a target and, indeed, he is - although the danger, as it turns out, is not from protesters or political assassins but from an anonymous man who lives in an abandoned building.

A young television executive takes to the road in the 1960s with a movie camera to capture his own past in a "cinema verite" documentary. Within this framework, he delivers his observations on the influence of film, modern corporate life, young marriage, New York City and hipness.

Also available : White noise.


dospassosJohn Dos Passos was born in 1896 in Chicago. After graduating from Harvard in 1916, Dos Passos joined the war effort, becoming an ambulance driver in France ; during his time there he gathered the information for his first two novels, One Man’s Initiation (1920) and Three Soldiers (1921). Dos Passos became a social activist, publishing Manhattan Transfer, in 1925. After seeing the execution in 1927 of Sacco and Venzetti, Dos Passos published the U.S.A. trilogy to establish his disdain for the moral corruption of capitalism. Dos Passos died in Baltimore, Maryland, on September 28, 1970.

dospassos1Manhattan transfer
Penguin (Twentieth-century classics)
A portrait of New York City, drawn by describing the interconnected lives of dozens of people - bankers, chefs, bums, cabdrivers and others. Written in an impressionistic style, with vivid descriptions and bursts of overheard conversation, it has more in common with films than traditional novels.

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